St. Louis 
Grade: JK
Fikiri moved to Canada a few months ago with his family. He comes to school with a big smile on his face every day. He is eager to learn and finds new ways to communicate even when he doesn't yet know the words. He is a kind and respectful friend to his peers and a joy to teach!
Nominated by his Teacher

Lasalle Public School 
Teams or Clubs:
Transition to Betterness youth committee member, sponsor of the Slushie Machine at Windsor Regional Hospital for 3 years, plays volleyball, and fundraises throughout the year. 
​Why do you think this student deserves to be nominated? 
I believe that Zain deserves to be nominated because he is genuinely the kindest and most sweet child. He cares about others but most of all wants to help in making a change in everyone’s life. Everyone who meets him leaves with warmth in their heart because of how he has made them feel. He has a lot of friends is a great public speaker, is confident, positive, complimentary, is ambitious and knows how important it is to do well in school so he will be aligned with a great future. Zain Hunter will definitely make an impactful when he grows up as he already is. 
Nominated by his Aunt