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   The Be-a-GEM Foundation was created in honour of the late Joanne DeFrancesco Pathak. A woman whose greatest joys came from bringing joy to others. Whether it was family, friends, or random strangers, Joanne always ensured that the people around her were happy. She welcomed everyone with her beautiful smile and magnetic personality. 

   Joanne was known for wearing her heart on her sleeve. She cared so much for others, going above and beyond to make sure that everyone felt equal and accepted. It wasn't her job to give to others, but it was what made her happy. She wanted to share her love and fortune with as many people as possible, and let them know that they too could have anything they wished for as long as they believed in themselves. 

   Joanne will always be remembered for the incredible love she had for her family and her undeniable zest for life!!

Leila Pathak

Our Mother taught us

strength and confidence,

gentleness and kindness,

patience and understanding.

She showed us that true, inner-beauty will reflect outwards,

and she always led by example. 

Forever in our hearts,

we will carry her legacy.

The Pathak Sisters